Whether you write for your business’ online blog or have ambitions of a career as a writer, you will always want your writing to be the best that it can be. To that end, it makes sense to use innovative technology to help you give your writing a boost. There are plenty of online tools that you can use that will help you ensure your writing stands out.

Reedsy Book Editor

This free writing tool takes writing an eBook and combines it with that of formatting an eBook. The result is that you can see your eBook come to life as you write the words. The service automatically inserts the formatting as you go to ensure you won’t have to go back and manually format after you’re finished writing your masterpiece.


If you like Microsoft Office but you don’t like the price tag, LibreOffice is the ideal solution. This is a free program that you can use in place of MS Office, which means it’s compatible with all of the same file types. Additionally, it’s an open-source program, which means you can modify the code if you’re skilled in writing code. The program can be used as-is, offering all of the functions of any primary word processor.

Hemingway Editor

This program takes word processing a step further by offering valuable feedback on writing style, syntax, spelling, and grammar. You can copy and paste the text you want to evaluate, or you can type directly into the field. It uses a variety of color highlighting to mark words or passages according to the feedback type. It also provides a readability score to help you evaluate your overall writing skills.

WebFX Flesch-Kincaid Readability Test Tool

For the broadest segment of the population, you should be writing at the 5th to 8th-grade levels. Writing below or above that range will limit who will read and understand your writing. The WebFX Flesch-Kincaid Readability Test Tool gives you an accurate evaluation of your writing proficiency to help you determine if you are falling within that optimal range.

There are many more writing tools available on the internet, and each option offers something a little different. If you don’t feel comfortable using one of the services mentioned here, expand your search for online writing tools. You’re sure to find one that will help you write well for your specific purposes.