Sarah Laud – writer and aspiring Journalist 

Sarah Laud is from Morristown, NJ, a recent high school Honors and AP graduate, HS Ambassador, a Yearbook Editor, and a nationally ranked equestrian athlete. Her high school experience has allowed her to mature and develop into a quick-witted and passionate young woman with a wide array of interests. 

In addition to being a focused academic, Sarah was deeply involved in school activities and projects, including being a founding member of Girl’s Leadership Outreach and Worth (GLOW), a chosen Crimson Ambassador for the school where she led tours and open houses for potential students and their parents, and selected as an Alumni Board student representative.

A Passion to Write
Sarah Laud developed a skill and passion for writing in high school and her career goals now lie in journalism. She was inspired by her writing and journalism classes and is now fresh off of her experience with the Yearbook as a Senior Editor and staff writer which provided her with opportunities to experience important facets of journalism and publishing from gathering information, writing content, designing pages, working with a team and, finally, developing a publication – all essential parts of this creative field which she finds both challenging and rewarding. Of special interest, Sarah independently designed all of the Senior pages of the yearbook, including its dedication to a faculty member.

Sarah Laud’s dream is to work for a respected publication that could further expand her horizons in community journalism and reporting. This would also allow her to bring her stories about people and situations she knows to those communities and individuals who wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to them. For example, she has written stories, essays and personal memoirs on a variety of sensitive topics ranging from a woman’s reproductive rights to the challenges of having a family member with cancer. She feels that sharing these stories and ideas can help others who face similar challenges. 

Building a Broad Foundation
Sarah‘s high school experience has been very successful thanks to her love of reading and commitment to learning that spans so many subjects from the humanities to STEM. Sarah Laud has been on the Honor Roll every year of her academic career. Because of her record, she was selected to be both an Academic Tutor and Writing Center Tutor providing students (grades 6-12) with a structured means to improve their own work. Her success at Morristown Beard School was also marked by induction into the Honor Society thanks to her academic record and her consistently high proficiency in Spanish.

Sarah has been closely involved with a number of groups and clubs, each of which has allowed her to take on roles and support causes that have been important to her. As a hands-on person, she has been most excited about the ways that she has had the opportunity to do the kinds of work that allows her to help others and build on her ability and her experience.

With her high school, Sarah Laud has been an instrumental part of the community. She is a founding member of the Girl’s Leadership Outreach and Worth (GLOW) program. This program is focused on bringing young women examples of successful women and how they got there. GLOW provides workshop opportunities to build skills in leadership and networking, and also arranges visits to woman-led workplaces.

Sarah Laud is also an avid and very experienced horseback rider and has worked as a camp counselor and trainer with the Crewe Hill riding camp. Sarah is experienced in various aspects of equine care, equine rehabilitation and veterinary care.  She loves and is involved with the hands-on care of the horses she rides and has been a competitor in many top-rated circuits since she started competing in 2013. As a varsity competitor, she is dedicated and well disciplined, working closely with her equine companions to be successful partners in any ring.

Community Service and Journalism 
Outside of school, Sarah has worked extensively with a variety of community service organizations. She is the founder of the “‘Lets for Pets’” non-profit, which raises money for animal welfare via custom bracelets and anklets for animal care and shelter programs. She worked with the Community Soup Kitchen donating food and care bags and raising money via an annual Hunger Walk fundraiser. Sarah has been involved in assisting the homeless, providing meals, collecting and donating school supplies for underprivileged children and working for equity and women’s rights. This work has allowed her to be a part of something bigger and given her hands-on experience in how she can help to serve her community. This is something she also plans to write about.

Sarah is an active and involved young woman in the New Jersey area, and she endeavors being a shining example for other young women who seek to put their whole heart into everything they do.  

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