About Sarah Laud

Sarah Laud is a college student and is passionate about writing. Her time with the high school has allowed her to mature and develop into a quick-witted and passionate young woman with a wide array of interests. 

Her career goal now lies in journalism, as she is now fresh off of the back of her time with the Yearbook Club, which provided her with opportunities to experience important facets of the journalistic field – gathering information, working with a team, developing a publication – all essential parts of the field which she found challenging and rewarding. 

Sarah Laud’s dream is to work for a large-scale publication that could support her interest in community journalism and reporting. This would allow her to bring the communities that she has worked with into view of those who wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to them. 

Her experience with the school has been very successful thanks to her love of reading and learning. She has been on the Honor Roll every year of her academic career. Her academic record allowed her to be an Academic Tutor and Writing Center Tutor, providing other members of the school with access to her knowledge and skills in order to improve their own work. Her last year at MBS was also marked by induction into the Honors Society thanks to her consistently high proficiency in Spanish.

Sarah has been closely involved with a number of groups and clubs, each of which has allowed her to take on the roles that have been important to her. As a hands-on person, she has been most excited about the ways that she has had the opportunity to do the kinds of work that is important to her and her experience.

With her school, Sarah Laud has been an instrumental part of the high school community. Her work with the yearbook was only a capstone to her time, she has also been closely involved with the GLOW program – the Girl’s Leadership Outreach and Worth. This program is focused on bringing young women examples of successful women, as well as provide opportunities to build skills and leadership for themselves. Examples of her experience with the group include workshops and visits with woman-lead workplaces.

Outside of her academics and high school experience, Sarah has also worked extensively with community service organizations. She created her own “‘Lets for Pets’” non-profit, which raises money via custom bracelets and anklets. This has raised money for animal welfare and shelter programs. She also worked with the Community Soup Kitchen, raising money via an annual Hunger Walk fundraiser. This work has allowed her to be a part of something bigger and given her real-world experience in how to serve her community.

Sara Laud is an avid horseback rider and has worked as a camp counselor with the Crewe Hill Riding camp. She loves the horses she rides with and has been a competitor in dozens of circuits since she started competing in 2013. As a varsity competitor, she has been required to show dedication as well as discipline, working closely with her equine companions in order to stay in sync in the field.

Sarah is a rising star in the New Jersey area, and she looks forward to being a shining example for other young women who seek to put their whole heart into everything they do.