There are some literary magazines that every aspiring Writer should subscribe to, whether they offer advice to writers or fascinating content. While people often think of stylish fashion magazines or sassy lifestyle content when they hear about magazines, some are more focused on writing and literature. These are some of the best magazines for writers.

Poets & Writers

Going back to the late 1980s, this magazine offers excellent advice for aspiring writers and their careers. Poets & Writers also draws attention to outstanding writers of all categories ranging from non-fiction to poetry. These profiles will help readers find new writers to look up to and learn from their journeys.

Writer’s Digest

This magazine is very informative, as it offers advice regarding writers’ rights and tips for publishing. Not only does Writer’s Digest include tips for how to overcome Writer’s block, but the magazine also provides a plethora of different exercises that writers can use to improve their skills.

The Writer

The Writer provides helpful advice for writers of all skill levels, whether they are beginners or experienced. This magazine helps readers get to know various aspects of the professional writing world, including freelance work, self-publishing, and revision. The Writer also provides insight on agents and resources for editing.

The Sun

This nonprofit magazine is an excellent choice for readers who want to read work by upcoming writers. The Sun displays unique poetry, essays, and fiction work by non-famous writers looking to get their work out there.

The New Yorker

Everyone interested in writing and publishing has most likely seen or heard of The New Yorker at some point. An excellent choice for writers who live or near New York, this magazine provides various types of writing, such as articles, poems, and essays. Some of the many topics covered in The New Yorker include art, sports, and politics.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery

Anyone who has a passion for mysteries will enjoy Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. This magazine consists of suspenseful mysteries and crime stories to keep readers on the edge of their seats. Readers also have the opportunity to submit work to be featured in the magazine.

All of these magazines are perfect publications for people who are passionate about writing. Subscribing to these magazines can help writers find enjoyable entertainment and improve their skills.