Writing for a college newspaper can be difficult. Students can become better writers by using these five tips.

Talk to Classmates

Newspaper articles can get boring if they are only filled with facts. Anecdotes and examples can be used to illustrate points and make articles more engaging. By talking with their classmates, writers can discover stories and expose controversies. Students might be able to see things overlooked by administrative staff. Anecdotes become more credible if more than one person tells them.


Writers can improve their craft by reading articles written by professional journalists. Students should not casually skim passages. Instead, they should analyze sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation. They should keep a dictionary next to them and look up unfamiliar words. Students should try to incorporate their findings into their writing.

Check Social Media

Student groups market their upcoming events on social media. Writers can be proactive by jotting down the times and dates. They can then show up to these events with a camera, audio recorder, and notepad. By staying on top of things, writers can witness stories as they happen. Social media is also an excellent place for quotations. Writers can use comments for their stories after asking for permission.

Additionally, social media can be used to keep up with things happening in the broader community. Some of these things might affect the student population. For example, students might want to know if their favorite restaurant is permanently closed.

Listen to Editors

Editors can help writers improve their skills by providing feedback. They can also offer suggestions on story ideas. Writers should have an open dialogue with the editors. By giving frequent updates, writers can change courses if editors do not like something. This mitigates the chance of time being wasted.

Backup Important Files

Writers need to think about worst-case scenarios when deadlines are coming up. They can lose their work if their computer freezes or if the internet stops working. Writers should get into the habit of frequently clicking the save button. They should also upload their files onto the cloud. Saving files onto a flash drive can be risky since the small devices can be lost or stolen.

By following these five tips, students will be able to publish award-winning journalism.