If you’re already writing for profit, you may be looking for new ways to expand your income potential. If that’s the case, consider exploring different niches and opportunities in a diverse range of fields. By increasing your reach and visibility, you can discover new opportunities. You may even find a niche that you enjoy even more than the one you’re currently exploring.

Get Active on Social Media

You can start a page that’s strictly dedicated to your writing or post your work on an existing account, but you should try to post consistently on several social media sites. This provides an opportunity to get more visibility without having to spend money on paid advertising right away. It’s also a chance for you to write about a diverse range of topics, so don’t be afraid to write about anything that interests you. Posting your work on social media may even lead to new job offers.

Give Copywriting a Try

If you’re not already working as a copywriter, there are plenty of opportunities for you to explore. You can try writing for a service that provides content to existing businesses to help you gain some experience. Eventually, you can branch out and seek out your clients. To be successful and maintain a degree of job security, you should be getting just 20% of your income from each source or client. If you’re relying on more than that from a single client, it may be time to expand your reach.

Reach Out to New Locations

You don’t have to feel restricted working for clients in your geographical location, especially as a remote freelance writer. Don’t be afraid to contact potential clients across the country or in international locations. In addition to helping you generate a more extensive client list, expanding your reach geographically will help you maintain your career if the freelance writing industry dries up in your local community.

In addition to these suggestions, don’t be afraid to look for ways to expand your network. By networking with other writers, you can learn about new job opportunities, conventions, and other resources that will help you evolve your writing career. You can also network with professionals in a broad range of industries. You never know when someone in your network will need content written for their site.