Being a journalist can be kind of difficult these days. With the rise of specific technologies and the decline in funding to the media, it is hard to keep up. Luckily there are tools that aspiring journalists and those that are already in the field to use at their disposal. If you work in the media and are looking for free digital tools to help you get by, you are in luck. Below is a list of tools to consider if you are trying to break into the media industry.


Currents is an app you can download that provides a first-person live review of current events that are occurring throughout the world. Currents has over one billion subscribers, and those on the application can see which stories are performing best. Additionally, the application also enables users to see which words are searched most and what people are finding specific stories more exciting and compelling.


When accessing media in the internet age, you could encounter issues that show that certain photos have been tampered with and photoshop. TinEye is an application available for journalists that are looking to distance themselves from fake news. While it is easy to enhance or change a photo digitally, this application will point out if certain photos have been tampered with.

Google Dataset Search

Another free application journalists can download is Google Dataset Search. This particular application is more research-based, and those that use it are more prolific in researching specific articles and topics. Google Dataset Search can help researchers locate data online along with links to back up specific content.


For those looking to investigate certain issues and causes, IntelTechniques is an application you should consider to help you with your work. IntelTechniques not only is great for journalists but can help anyone track down information on a specific person and back up those claims. This application can help you track down just about anyone you want if they have a social media profile online.

Account Analysis

Finally, if you are looking for a tool to help back up the idea that a social media profile is legitimate, you should consider downloading Account Analysis. This application is strictly used to help prove that an account is real or fake. Unfortunately, journalists do have to consider that they may be conversing with someone that isn’t who they say they are. With this tool, you will find out if someone is who they say they are.