In the ever-changing world of media, learning the ins and outs of ethical, informative, and responsible journalism can be difficult. There is so much more to become educated on than writing well and looking good behind an anchor desk. The best colleges for future journalists do more than teaching the basics of creating multimedia content and writing articles. They also provide reputable programs run by qualified professors, various classes to teach all facets of journalism, and preparation for starting in the workforce after graduation. Here are five colleges that meet these criteria and are considered some of the best available.

Northwestern University

Ranked the #1 school in Illinois and #12 out of schools that provide curriculum for aspiring journalists, Northwestern offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in journalism. Because of its solid reputation, graduates from Northwestern’s programs often receive over $5,000 more a year in annual income once they begin working in the field.

Boston University

Another highly ranked school, Boston University, offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in journalism. It is also the most popular college in Massachusetts and a top-ranked school nationwide by Best Colleges. Twenty-four Pulitzer Prize winners have been alumni of Boston University and their journalism program.

UT Austin

UT Austin seeks to give journalism students a leg-up in the ever-changing media landscape with a focus on digital skills and multimedia reporting. Its curriculum combines traditional options with newer courses such as Digital Communication and Communication & Media Studies.


One of the most highly ranked colleges in the United States for several reasons, NYU demands a lot from its students. After choosing an undergraduate program, either Media Criticism or Journalism, they must also choose a second field of study to double-major. It is worth it for the education received and the networking opportunities provided by being close to some of the world’s biggest news outlets.

Ohio University

While not one of the first schools most students think of, Ohio University still provides a well-rounded, thorough, and impressive journalism curriculum. Students receive a liberal arts and professional degree upon graduation and experience writing for periodicals such as the daily college newspaper and regular college lifestyle magazine.