Advanced technologies and modern culture have provided countless ways for entrepreneurs to create their unique business empires. Writers have been subject to fairly strict guidelines under traditional publishing contracts. A typical publisher may impose review deadlines or require a specific number of assignments within a limited time period.

The Appeal of Self Publishing

Creative writers, in particular, often struggle to find their true voice within traditional constraints of employment. The advent of self-publishing tools and classes has been a big relief to writers who wish to publish written works under their terms. Several well-established publishing firms have developed tools to help authors self-publish. New companies often enter the publishing arena, but they do not all offer the same benefits to new writers.

Kindle Direct Publishing

The Amazon publishing arm offers a wide variety of benefits to writers who wish to self-publish. The eCommerce giant has effectively cornered the market using their Kindle to generate electronic book sales. Writers who enroll in their subscription plan have the instant ability to reach millions of readers each day.

Barnes and Noble Press

Another well-known book dealer, Barnes and Noble, feature the benefit of notoriety. Authors can create their style and market to a well-established audience. Both Kindle Direct Publishing and Barnes and Nobel Press offer ongoing support to self-publishing authors. The brick-and-mortar stores offer Barnes and Nobel authors a nationwide opportunity for effective marketing through personal appearances.

Apple Books

Naturally, Apple will have a hand in any new technology that has the opportunity for global impact. Newer to the self-publishing market, Apple Books has created a lucrative arrangement for beginner and established authors. They offer an open royalty plan for pieces written only for Apple platforms. Download rates will vary based on genre and quality, but Apple will undoubtedly provide effective and targeted advertising campaigns to reach wide audiences.

There are several ways for authors to get started in self-publishing. Free classes and tutorials are recommended for anyone interested in moving into the field. Most reputable programs do not require high enrollment fees or require ongoing investment. Authors are encouraged to review the top plans before deciding which self-publishing platform to partner within their new venture.