It’s easier than ever before to launch a successful writing career, but doing so requires knowledge of marketing and knowing how to write well. There are plenty of ways you can market yourself as a writer without having to spend thousands of dollars on internet advertising. Here are just a few suggestions that will help you get started in growing your audience.

Start Your Blog

Before you do anything else, you should launch a website with a blog. While any business should have an active blog, this is especially important for new and emerging writers. This gives you a place to share your work with your followers, and it will provide you with content to post on your social media pages. In starting your blog, you should take the time to learn about search engine optimization or SEO. Putting basic SEO rules into practice as you write your blog posts will help you generate more organic traffic to your website.

Ask for Reviews

Whether you self-publish or go through a traditional publisher, you’ll have to do some marketing of your book on your own. One of the best ways of spreading the word about your work is to share it with friends. Offer them free copies of your book in exchange for verified reviews on Amazon and other commercial sites. Positive reviews will encourage others to read your work, leading to good word-of-mouth advertising.

Stay Active on Social Media

You’ll also promote your writing skills by staying active on social media accounts. You should create professional accounts for yourself as an author and use those accounts to interact with your readers. You can gain a bigger following by joining groups and pages, where you can share your thoughts, insights, and work. People who like what you have to say will follow your pages and visit your website.

There are many more ways for you to market yourself as a writer and share your work online. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of different ideas. Trying new marketing resources can benefit you even if they don’t provide immediate returns. This is because repetition is the key to any good advertising campaign. As long as you’re consistently putting the word out about your writing, you will gradually build a following.