If you’re passionate about literature and want to help, new or established authors get their work out into the world, working in publishing can help you cultivate a significant career. Like any industry, however, publishing has its stresses. Here are just a few great ways to build a career in publishing from the ground up and enjoy the process to boot!

Make Your Passion Into Your Niche

If you’re passionate about fantasy or science fiction books, don’t push yourself into areas of the publishing industry where you’re unhappy or uninterested in the reading material. If you’re enthusiastic about a particular subject, it will show in your work.

Truly, that kind of enthusiasm can lead you towards success. The first people to publish George R.R. Martin succeeded in significant ways because they understood how Martin’s work fits into the tradition of fantasy novels. In other words, use your knowledge of a niche area of literature to your advantage. Such knowledge will put you miles ahead of the competition.

Be Flexible In Your Career Path

As an acolyte to the world of books and magazines, don’t limit yourself to one area of the publishing industry from the get-go. If you’re feeling let down in your role as an editor, for example, try getting work experience as an agent. Give yourself the time to find a job that is right for you. The publishing industry is a vast place: Don’t paint yourself into a corner right off the bat!

Look at the Big Picture

Most of us go into publishing because we’re passionate about reading books. If only this were all that the job entailed! However, publishing is a business. That doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice our ideals to work in the industry; however, we need to look from time to time at the bigger picture in the publishing world as it relates to business. How are we going to sell a particular book? What does the audience for an author we’re championing look like? Being practical about our choices can help us to find our niche in this dynamic industry.

Cultivate a Good Reputation

The publishing industry is based around personal connections; burning bridges is undoubtedly not a great way to cultivate a good reputation in the publishing world. Be the person that authors, agents, and editors want to work with. Be reliable and forthright. Those qualities will always pay off in the long run!