As a craft, writing takes time, research, practice, and dedication. For many writers, the act of writing and editing work is sufficient, but others, especially those who aspire to earn recognition and share their work with the world, are keen on getting their writing published. The publishing world can seem daunting and confusing, but regardless of your genre or niche, there are some tried and true tips you can use to share your writing with others in a formal capacity.

Journalism Tips

Getting journalistic work published can be tricky, and for freelancers, the process tends to be complicated. You will need to select specific publications and reach out to their editors to pitch your piece. Keep an eye out on social media for editors seeking pitches, as they will usually be the most receptive. Regardless of the publication or editor, freelancers and aspiring journalists would do well to prepare their research, resources, and plans for the piece if they have not written it already. If the topic you want to cover has appeared in the news lately, be ready to explain why your perspective is different and compelling enough to warrant publication.

Creative Writing Tips

When it comes to publishing creative works, the standard association is to think of novels. Certainly, the process for publishing a novel is worth exploring, as it features many moving parts and can take some time. Still, for writers looking to publish a short story or poem, the process looks very different.

If looking to publish a novel, the first thing you want to do is make sure you are fully content with and confident in your work. It is important to reread, revise, and critique your work to the best of your ability and every resource available before starting this process. To publish a novel, you will need to secure an agent who will reach out to publishing companies on your behalf and negotiate a publishing deal. Working closely with the agent will be vital to publishing your novel and for promoting future success.

For shorter works, pitching to literary journals or magazines is generally the course to take. Do your research beforehand; make sure you pitch to an appropriate publication, follow submission guidelines, and write a compelling query letter.

General Advice

Writers who want to see their work published and shared with others should take the time to revise their work and review it with trusted peers before reaching out to publications, agents, or editors. Research is also an essential part of getting published. Whether you are looking up information to include in your piece, assessing the market, or determining how well your concept aligns with the popular books available now, researching before taking any other steps will serve you well.